Genital Meditation evening

Genital Meditation is a ritual of touch, which brings us into a state of full presence and sensual awareness.
With a meditative attitude and in the frame of a group setting everyone is paired up and practices three different strokes on the genitals with no intention, but very focus and in a calm rhythm. Each stroke has a duration of ten minutes approximately and are applied exclusively on the penis or vagina (no touch in other parts of the body).

The practice enhances genital sensitivity and the ability for pleasure and creates an intense connection with our own body. Any form of emotion such as joy, arousal, sadness or deep relaxation might occur and allows a deep somatic and spiritual experience, relieving from shame, fears and deeply routed blockages.
To receive without demanding and to give without expecting are the key statements for this practice.

Open group – The willingness to work with either a man or a woman is a prerequisite, once the couples are paired up randomly. The receiver wears a blindfold to focus on its inner experience.


Couples group – For all sorts of couples. Come with a partner.

Cost: Get-to-know-price 15€, regular price 20€ or 60€ for a 4times card. Please contact us if you cannot afford it and we`ll find a way.
Couples pay together as get-to-know-price 25€, and regularly together 30€.

Please bring oil or lube, a towel and a blind fold. Vinyl gloves are available. Finger nails should be cut short.